Thread With Me!

Ever stare into your full closet with nothing to wear? Me too.

That’s why I’m here to help your closet get a facelift. Need some help deciding how to organize your wardrobe, what to toss and keep, and what new outfits to create based on your already-there pieces? I’m your woman. Want to receive personalized tips and a handy dandy shopper? I’m still your woman.

This daunting task becomes quite overwhelming when it falls on your shoulders, in the middle of your already chaotic and busy schedule. Let me relieve you by coming to the rescue with relatable tips and tricks for a great price! I am available locally near Scottsbluff, NE, but I am also willing to Skype or travel.

Choose any package below to get started, or even create your own personal package:

Ready to Revamp:

2 hr. appointment
For the gal that needs some quick and easy TLC! Based on your personal questionnaire and a short consultation, we will decide what pieces best suit you and your lifestyle. We will decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to reinvent into a new look. After combing through the details, we will then reorganize and classify your closet to make it accessible for those grab-n’-go moments. I’ll have you spruced up and revamped in no time!



3 hr. appointment
   Outfit Photo Book
   Shopping List
   Complimentary Gift Bag
Need an entire closet refresh? Get ready to have a clean, working closet with some added incentives! After completing your personal questionnaire beforehand, we will briefly discuss the needs and wants of your wardrobe, starting in with what should stay and go. BUT – here’s the fun part! How does it sound to wake up stress-free and have your outfit preselected for you? We will bring old pieces to life through brand new outfits and ideas, while I photograph these ensembles so that you can have an organized peek at the variety of new outfits! It will shave off time, and help you remember all of the new combos we thought of during my visit. At the end, I will suggest some items through a shopping list that would compliment what you already have.


Ultimate Closet Facelift:

4 hr. appointment
   Outfit Photo Book
   Personal Shopping
   Complimentary Gift Bag
Out with the old, and in with the new! Not only will we decide what to keep, toss, and reinvent based upon what you already have, I will also add a personal shopping experience! Whether this is an excursion together, a shopping trip I take off your shoulders, or online research/shopping, we will pin down and nail the items you need to have a completed and updated wardrobe. You will also receive a photo book of all of the outfits we paired together during my visit – making it easy to wake up, select your option, and go! You will be sure to impress with new trends at your fingertips. We will refine your style to make sure this in-depth package will give you the effortless, stress-free, and organized fashion you’ve always wanted!


Shop ‘Till You Drop:

Simply need me to shop for a few outfits? Can do! There are lots of options: I can shop with you, without you, online shop for you, or even travel. I’ll tailor my shopping off a personal style questionnaire that you get to fill out, and personally consult you about what you are looking for and what will meet your needs. Since this package is uniquely based on which option we choose, please contact me on my “Let’s Chat” page for a price quote!

Destination Vacation:

Getting away sometime soon? There’s lots to look forward to… relaxing time off, a fresh surrounding, and a suitcase packed full of rockin’ outfits. SCREEECH… wait, you don’t have that last one ready? Let me help you shop for the right pieces, or put something together based on what you already have! I’ll even pack it up for you! Contact me on my “Let’s Chat” page for a personalized price quote.

A La Mode:

Need a little extra? Add $50 per additional hr of services, whether that is closet styling or personal shopping hours. (Let’s be real, some of you might need more than just a few hours!)

PayPal is the best form of payment sent to, unless something is worked out otherwise. I do require the base price to be paid in full at or before the time of the appointment!

Well, let’s begin, shall we? Give a click to my “Let’s Chat” page to fill out a contact form and set an appointment or even to ask a few questions. I have answers! 🙂