Top Shoe Trends of Fall 2017

Since the Paris and New York Fashion shows last spring, everyone has had their eyes on minimalist, edgy shoes with a bit of a throwback. We’re talkin’ pointy toes, kitten heels, and slingbacks.

These are shoes that are sure to turn heads and make a statement, while also being classy finishing touches that will polish your outfits off.

I’ve nailed down some of my top choices for this fall/winter fashion season. These have all been affordable options that I am able to wear with almost anything. Let me show you the top trends (and how to style them) without breaking the bank!

White Boots


Zara has recently become my BFF. I’ve snagged designer looks for affordable prices without losing the quality.


These white boots are the perfect statement since they are not hard to match to an outfit.


Sassy Heels

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Okay… I cheated on this one. These fire red heels are actually something I won in a sweepstakes from Tamara Mellon, being priced at $395. But, they were affordable to me since I got them for free! 😉 There are also some very similar red heels that can be found here for only $50!


Red is known as a “power color,” something that exudes confidence and boldness when you wear it. It’s nice to have a quality red item in stock so that when a special event comes, you can look bold.

Sock Boots

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Sock boots are all the rave this season. It all started with Yeezy’s collection involving the sock boot look, where the Kardashians and other celebs promoted it, and the Balenciaga brand followed as well. I purchased these beauties from Mango for about $70.

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The thin-heeled, ankle-hugging boots shout cold weather accessory. Boots that cover the ankle can truly elevate and modernize outfits for this season. I love pairing them with dresses and layered looks.


Slingback Heels


Aaaaaand another Zara snag. This heel silhouette has been a great transition piece for many in the fashion industry.


I chose black because, well, black. It matches anything and everything.


I love the snazzy, old fashioned looks that these shoes combine – kitten heel, pointy toed, and slingback. Your grandma’s shoes, but better. And only for $49.


Black Go-To Boots

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Whoops, I did it again. I cheated. I also won these gorgeous Tamara Mellon boots in a giveaway, and they are priced at $700. But hey, they were free.. so to me they were affordable!

Here are some very similar shoes for a better price. I do recommend investing in some nice quality boots if you are like me and will wear them every. single. day. through rain and snow until spring.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Patent leather is HUGE as of lately, and as I’m sure you’ve figured out, so is an ankle covering, pointy-toed boot. These are the epitome of modern classic style, and I am so blessed to have received a pair of these killer designer boots.




Introduced by Gucci, these dupes I got at Target for $29 proooobably need to be replaced soon because I’ve worn them so much already.


These casual-ify any look, and I love them because I can easily slip them on before rushing out the door.

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3 Ways to Switch Up a Simple Dress

As the saying goes, “simplicity is key.”

Many of us tend to go for the more basic items in order to use it tenfold in our wardrobe. One item can EASILY make more than 10 varieties of looks… But how far can we test that creativity? I’ve put together 3 totally different styles to spice up a basic dress – let’s freshen up your most basic essentials for fall! Plus, I’ll even give you a discount code at the end. 😉

But, before I show you my ways to reinvent, let me tell you about this dress.

First of all, don’t even get me started on the quality and how soft this dress is… I felt like I was wearing my pajamas in public! Besides the insane amount of comfort level, the ever-so-sweet Annessa from gave me the opportunity to try this gorgeous piece out, and I have to just take a second to gush about her business and what she does.

Not only does she represent the amazing Shop Stevie clothing line and all of its trendy and affordable pieces, but she also donates part of her profits towards children with autism. How cool is that? As she does this so near and dear to her heart, it makes me so happy to be able to help contribute to helping kids with disabilities. To me, this sets her and her company apart from anyone I have ever worked with before.

Read on below to see how you can get a discount from this genuine company!

Look #1 – The Modern Bohemian


It’s way too easy to smile when you’re this comfy. I paired the Nicole Maxi Dress with matching suede mules and an Indie hat, my favorite denim jacket, and a colorful bandana from Madewell.


This look keeps you looking polished yet casual… wear it for church, errands, lunch with friends, you name it!



Look #2 – The Chic Fashionista 


This is for you gals that love dressing to the 9s. Whether it’s for a day at the office, a date night, or an event, you’ll feel chic in no time. And who knew you could transform your dress into a skirt?!


I reinvented this dress to look like a skirt by tying a patterned shirt from Target at the waist. I wanted to give a chic and bold statement with the emerald blazer from Tobi, so I kept it neutral with the rest…


… Simple black and gold accessories do the trick.


Look #3 – The Casual Minimalist


Do you ever want to feel as comfy as those PJ wearing Walmart-goers but look polished? Well well well, you’ve come to the right place.


I paired this dress with a longline black vest from Target’s last season fall collection. It provided the structure needed to polish the outfit. To accessorize, I slid on my Gucci mule dupes from Target and threw on my favorite black and gold necklaces from Madewell.


See? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Annessa has this dress available in more colors, plus SO much more, on her lovely Shop Stevie Site!

AND… the moment you’ve all been waiting for!! You guys get to exclusively use a discount for 10% off your very first purchase with the Aspen Tribe Boutique! Use code: “THEDAILYTHREADS10” and don’t forget, part of the money spent will benefit kids with autism! Happy Shopping 🙂


Sweater Weather feat. The Silver Wren

It’s finally fall – that means changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and… you guessed it! Sweater weather and cozy fall fashion.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a handmade jewelry company, The Silver Wren, which is primarily located on Etsy. Their pieces will effortlessly compliment a comfy sweater. It keeps your look simple and easy (while still providing beautiful details) to throw together for those mornings that you have to rush out the door! It’s actually been hard NOT to wear one of their pieces each and every day. I’ve fallen in love with their ability to match all of my daily looks! Not only do I wear them for dressing up or dressing casual, I even wear them to work.

See how I styled The Silver Wren’s pieces below!


Look #1


Look #1 is styled with their Petite Amethyst Necklace. The raw edges and different layers of color is both head-turning and unique, and gives the chance for a variety of hues to match it with.


I wanted to play with neutral colors in order to allow the purples and grays in this necklace to pop. My sweater is from Madewell‘s newest fall collection, and the tie sleeves give this look just the right amount of detail.


I went for a Retro Americana vibe for something different! I channeled this vibe with the double denim, and retro sunglasses and shoes to match my cream sweater.



Aren’t the details of this piece just so lovely?



Look #2


This is a simple office outfit that is played “up” with The Silver Wren’s Labradorite Lariat Necklace.


Have you heard? Plaid is this season’s biggest trend (hint hint: post coming about that soon!). My plaid skirt is from Loft. In my opinion, they have the best coverage/length for tall girls who love their skirts and dresses.


Lariat necklaces are my FAVE because they can be worn with literally anything and look great. I like their minimalism, which I’ve been a huge fan of lately, and how they can pair well with any neckline.


Oh ya know, just heading to the office in NYC. Jk, I don’t have an office job. I wish. But I’m going to wear this outfit anyways because why not?


When sun shines on these labradorite gems, the colors that reflect are INSANE. Buy one for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 😉

A huge thank you to The Silver Wren for allowing me to style their gorgeous handmade pieces! I can’t get enough of them, and I promise you’ll love them too with your everyday “sweater weather” looks.

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How to Transition Your Summer Dresses Into Fall


Once that transition into autumn starts, we can’t help that our heart breaks for those summer dresses that we loved so dearly and want to continue wearing.

I don’t know about you, but my closet cries when I have to put those cute summer clothes away for next year!

FullSizeRender (2)

But boy, do I have news for you! It’s actually quite easy to break the hype that summer dresses HAVE to be worn in the summer.


Here I will show you an easy way to transition a couple of my favorite floral dresses, although temperatures are starting to cool down. The perfect thing to throw on when it hits 60-70 degrees.

FullSizeRender (1)

When we think of fall, we think of darker colors and a heavier feel. In these first 3 pictures, I’ve shown that by using a dress of good length (especially helpful with the cooler temps) is easy to make a bit edgier. I’ve accented the black colors of the floral with a studded black purse, as well as matching studded sandals.

Although I am still wearing a summer dress and sandals, I’ve caused my “vibe” to become a bit darker and edgier for fall. I also threw on these retro sunglasses in white, which have been very popular in the fashion world lately! This outfit definitely showcases a nice clash of Retro + Feminine Edge.


Accessories, although small, can speak volumes about an outfit. As you can see, exchanging the sunglasses for a popular wide-brimmed hat for fall COMPLETELY changed up my look!


I have parted with the funky retro theme and now have a more “Indie” look. Total game changer. It’s fairly easy to throw together an Indie ensemble; usually hats like this one in addition to statement ankle boots or sandals can complete the idea. I chose a black hat because, again, it highlights the purpose of an outfit with deeper darker tones for fall. It also ups the edge that I tried to go for with my studded accessories.


Now mixing both looks just for fun… Feminine + Edgy + Retro + Indie! I don’t know how, but somehow it isn’t too overwhelming!


Another way to incorporate those floral, flowy dresses into fall is by simply finding some with a bit more length – whether it’s the hem length (such as the longer red one above) or by the length of sleeves.

I opted to shop for a dress with long sleeves so that it could be worn for the purpose of fall transition weather, rainy spring weather, or even for those silly summer Nebraska days where it can be 100 degrees one day and 60 the next.


Don’t you love how the 90’s are making a comeback? I sure do. Slip dresses, over-the-knee boots, hoop earrings, and anything Jennifer Aniston. Simpler jewelry looks best with this dress because of its busy pattern.


Another example of why prints look best while accentuated with clean, solid colored accessories. “Mules” shoes, or slide-on shoes without backing, are the most popular choice for footwear right now.


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Have a lovely day – don’t forget to take it one thread at a time.


3 Ways to Wear a Bandana


Bandanas are all the rave now – they’ve been sported around the neck, in a hairstyle, tied on a belt loop, on a purse, or even wrapped around an ankle.


And I can’t stop wearing them. It’s a dangerous addiction… I have too many to count! But, it pays off when there are endless outfit combinations to make with them. Let me show you some of my go-to’s!

(Also, read to the end for some details on how I put these outfits together!)



The classy and popular option 

Tying a bandana around the neck combines casual comfort + trendy effortlessness. In my opinion, it is essential to have at LEAST 3 major pieces in an outfit that compliment each other to truly make a completed look. After the top and bottom pieces are in place, we have one left to be incorporated… a belt, a bag, a hat, a necklace… and now a bandana becomes an option for that missing accessory.


For me, having these 3 pieces close together is important to focus the eye and make the outfit look “put together.” The bandana can easily be styled closely to the 2 pieces by wearing it on the neck, polishing the look off. It also takes the place of having to worry about matching jewelry to your outfit (added bonus!). Unless of course, you feel like layering with a necklace for some extra pizazz, like I did with my neutral outfit pictured above.



Using the bandana in a unique way

The belt loop is often an accessory opportunity overlooked. Other than using loops for belts, they are a great way to add small patterns or pops of color like this one.

My one recommendation is to make sure that the bandana isn’t too large or too stiff, as it will cause the flow of this accessory to look a bit bulged and awkward. Bandanas like the ones I have styled meet the light + flowy standard, and are best found at either Madewell or sometimes Target.



Adding the bandana as a touch of detail to your bag 

Sometimes, our purses, satchels, or summery bags just need that twist of… something. Perhaps to add a little personality of our own, or simply to include a playful color or pattern to an otherwise neutral bag. And the best part is, you aren’t committing to a permanent detail to your favorite purse… you can always replace or take away this addition! Feel free to switch it up to match your mood.


This third option is best done by adding the bandana+purse combo to a simple outfit – an accessory-heavy one would make it appear a bit too busy and overdone. Be sure to keep in mind that the bandana is no longer ON you, as a part of your actual outfit, it is now an accessory to the accessory… a simple balance is very necessary.


Now, for a little talk about these 2 outfits!


Adidas Outfit: To me, it is SO fun to mix two contrasting styles and challenge yourself to make them intertwine – in this case, I’ve done sporty with feminine. The Adidas shirt is automatically a sporty item, but because it is blush pink, it becomes easy to transform the look into something more girly.

I picked Adidas Originals Stan Smith shoes to compliment the white shirt logo, as well as the sporty aspect. The moment I brought in a floral bandana, a denim skirt, and a popular summer straw bag, it instantly created a different and more feminine vibe. The bandana perfectly unites the look with its pink tones (to match Adidas shirt), brown tones (straw bag), and dusty blue (denim skirt). And an added tip – if you have long legs like me, you can create an optical illusion of shorter legs with white shoes!


Summer/Fall Mix Outfit: In the summertime, I usually go the shorts and tank top route to keep cool, while in the fall and winter, I bundle up and wear pants and a jacket/sweater. During transition season (when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind) I like to have an element of each season just in case.


Here, I have lightweight cargo pants and a breezy tank both from Madewell. I’m keeping it simple, but being prepared for the now chillier mornings and nights, and the still hot afternoons. Accessorizing with this neutral outfit was fun and easy – I tied the black together with my shoes, bandana, necklace, and hat, keeping it warm-toned with the gold in my necklace. I was able to add either option of these summery neutral “it-bags”, which kept the earthy tones consistent.

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Buckle Up, We’re Ready for Takeoff!


Well hello there! A big warm welcome to my blog, The Daily Threads!

Placing one foot in front of the other, this is the direction I found myself going… brewing up a brand new blog to call home. I get to show you my cool new logo, some stellar pictures and a few words about myself… now why exactly did I fire the ole’ computer up again?


A few years ago, 3 to be exact, I created a blog called Sparkle & Spice. I began with a website, and gravitated towards a focus on Instagram, as I noticed many fashionistas/bloggers were utilizing it more than their actual sites. I decided to put more time into this instead, and actually stopped writing real blog posts on my website for 2 years.

I have learned SO, SO much on Instagram with its growing presence in today’s world. And feel that it was a great time for me to blossom in my skills as a blogger and become productive. There is no doubt that I will continue Insta, but I realized it was also time to go back to the basics. I missed being able to write fashion in words, longer than a mere caption!


Now, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I decided to change my name from Sparkle & Spice. It definitely adhered to my previous style – one that was full of glitter, bright colors, very girly things… but one that I also grew out of. The former name of “Sparkle & Spice” was PERFECT for me at the time, but since my wardrobe and aesthetic have changed into a more minimalist, neutral tone, I’ve decided I wanted a better descriptor for this new era of me.

Hence, I bring you the fresh, the new and improved… “The Daily Threads!”

This will encompass daily trends and pieces that I like to express myself with, one unique thread at a time. Even though the styles I wear will tend to change from time to time, you will find that I will continue to bring you fashion that is classy, comfortable, and always right on trend. I can’t wait to bring you day-to-day inspiration, that is relatable and fun.



I’m so thrilled you’re here, and I can’t wait for you to walk alongside me in this journey! Your support this far has encouraged me to keep going headfirst into my love for fashion.

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Outfit Details

// Dress – Clad & Cloth // Belt – Target // Earrings – Target //


P.S. – This is me twirling around on a backroad in Nebraska. Pure bliss. I love where I live.

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