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Hey there, nice to meet ya! So you wanna know a little bit about me…

I’m Brittli Wallace: blogger, influencer, photographer, closet stylist, personal shopper. Optimist, daydreamer, wife, worship leader, Jesus freak, Spaghetti-O lover, German Shepherd owner, shopper, go-getter, lover of the outdoors, traveller, The Office and The Blacklist frequent watcher, fisher, hunter, and some people say I’m a crazy driver (but I don’t believe them).

I’m a fashion blogger, but yet I live in a small town in Nebraska. Yep, you heard that right – no skyscrapers or beaches here! I’m not able to fill my Instagram feed with beautiful cityscapes like some gals, but I like to discover the beauty around me in places unbeknownst to most.

How do I make the big-city vision possible in a small town? I bring my dreams to life by simply doing what I love in this corner of the world, with a touch of elbow grease. Through the wonders of the world-wide-web, I can utilize my midwestern advantage to create unique content for not only my blogging and influencing, but also photography. I get to introduce high-fashion trends to people all over the world from the comfort of my home. I’m dead center of the US, so travel is easy and manageable. I get to live close to my family and still pursue my dreams and make things happen. It brings me such joy that I can have the best of both worlds! When kids happen, it will be a dream come true to pursue these things from home while being able to stay with them and watch them grow. (No mom, I’m not pregnant yet LOL)

I graduated in May 2017 from college, with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. I absolutely love business and everything that comes with it. So much, actually, to the point where I need to tone it down a bit, lols, I actually apply it to like every aspect of my life by accident. One day, I hope to have my own retail shop or brand!

Other than blogging and Instagram-ing (if that’s a real word now), creating content, styling wardrobes and capturing memories for people, I like to spend free time with family and friends, especially outdoors. When I get the chance, I love to swim, hike, hunt, fish, camp, or simply have a bonfire with friends. Anything adventure related I’m down for!

I would consider myself a creative: I love all things music, fashion, art, decor… anything where I can create something. I love to come up with ideas & visions and execute them, making something out of nothing is such an exciting thing for me.

I enjoy being the weird one. I constantly try new things, take chances, and fly by the seat of my pants (with the exception of living by my Google Calendar), and I’m pretty optimistic and outgoing. My hubby is more of a pessimistic person, which levels me out when I need to be grabbed from the clouds and brought down to earth, LOL, and it creates the perfect balanced team!

So about that:

September 23, 2016 I was married to the LOML, Derek. We had a bohemian-meets-modern wedding here in Nebraska with all of our loved ones. It hailed on our wedding day, which I just find hilarious… they say rain brings blessings to your marriage on your wedding day, so hail must be even BETTER, right?! Derek and I are high school sweethearts, having met in 2012. We’ve blended into our own sense of humor and weirdness at this point. He challenges me, completes me, is truly my other half… and eats all my leftovers. But I wouldn’t trade that handsome man for the world!

Lastly, let’s talk about the Big Man Upstairs for a bit. If you don’t know Him, I’m gonna encourage you right now to do just that. He has completely changed my life for the better and because of my relationship with God I have grown so much and been challenged in the most amazing ways. I have hope and I have something to lean on even through my tough times; my purpose in life is to serve Him, totally and completely.

It has been laid on my heart to serve God with the gifts of creativity He has given me, and to use these as a platform in my life to shout God’s name from the rooftops. Not only am I doing what I love, but God has made it very clear to me that I can serve Him through it. I truly think this direction is His purpose for me in this life on earth, and that somehow and in some way, I will find out why later on down the road. I do have some ideas of what exactly that could entail, but I’m eager to discover all of the routes that He leads me through with this journey.

I am so humbled by the opportunities and support I’ve received this far! I hope to bring you relatable fashion, connect with you, and inspire you every day. Thank you for being a part of my journey, one thread at a time!