When In Doubt, Thrift It Out

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day outfit to impress your S.O.? Look no further.

Remember that thing called Goodwill? Yeah, your old buddy? He misses you, and all the other vintage shops in town do too. You see, here’s the deal: online shopping is great, until it’s t-minus 2 days until Valentine’s Day, and you simply can’t get anything here in time (unless you pay an arm and a leg for shipping of course). And if you’re a small-towner like me, there’s NOWHERE to shop in person either!

In addition to that, you’re on a money crunch. Trying to save for this month’s bills, trying to save up for another trip around the globe, whatever.. you can’t be dropping a ton of $$$ for one date night, right? What’s the answer to looking fashionable with your time and budget? Vintage shopping.

Look no further for your new date night outfit! Local vintage shops have hidden treasures, awaiting you in their dusty, quaint corners, full of stories and waiting to be found. I got this ENTIRE (yes literally entire) outfit, down to the accessories, shoes, etc.. completely from vintage shops + a quick Goodwill run. It took me maybe an hour to get everything, and I spent roughly $25 on all of it.

Perhaps my most exciting find while searching for this date night outfit, was these $2 tortoise heart-shaped barrettes… HOW PERFECT ARE THEY for Valentine’s Day?!

Why does fashion need to be expensive?

It doesn’t! In this look, I went for rich textures (suede, heavy knit, + croc boots) and gold accents, which elevates the outfit to an expensive-looking, high quality outfit, while only paying as much as your 2 items at whole foods. 😉

Don’t expect to walk in to a Goodwill or vintage shop and find something that you’d also see walking into H&M or Buckle… look for pieces that are demanding of their timelessness, simple, and of course, your size. Make sure that you prepare yourself with a bit of patience, as sometimes the hunt is the route to finding the “good stuff”!

Keep in mind.. accessories are the key to elevating any look, no matter how simple the clothing! You’ll be surprised at how you can change an item so old into something refreshing and fun with a touch of sparkle and the right pair of shoes.

“I went for rich textures and gold accents, which elevates the outfit to an expensive-looking, high quality outfit”

It makes me giddy with happiness to go on a little treasure hunt to find these extraordinary pieces… that no one else will have! I literally get so excited when I feel like I “scored” on several pieces that are stylish and SO cheap!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Remember this on Valentine’s Day too! 1 Corinthians 13


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