All About Animal Print

In fashion, there are no rules. That’s one of my favorite parts about it. Interestingly, all of the rules that we break in fashion… CREATE fashion. 

Some may not like the head-turning, daring outfit choices that are made by style role-models, especially immediately after being introduced for the first time. It can be intimidating to see something so odd and different, hot off the runway. But in my head… “Well, that is what fashion IS. Isn’t it? That’s how it came to be.” So honestly… take the risk.  You just might become iconic.

New trends are almost always birthed by bold, unique, “out-there” looks that are heavily pushed until they eventually become a current style that everybody all-of-a-sudden has to get their hands on. After our eyes are exposed to those weird things for a period of time, we become used to them and end up wanting to do it ourselves.

Animal prints are a loud, bold choice that are sure to turn heads. These prints can easily scare the fashion timid at first… it might seem “wild” to incorporate this high fashion into our everyday wear. But after so many of us dared to step up and out of the box with this new idea – with increasing nods of acceptance – animal print easily became Fall/Winter 2018’s biggest trend. I want to show you how seamlessly and beautifully you, too, can tie this into your wardrobe. Let me ease you into styling these prints both fiercely and casually.

Leopard Print

Want to make a statement? 

Leopard print is intentionally at the top of my list. I invested in this Anine Bing pantsuit for obvious reasons… it is now the most fabulous thing I own. I love that it has neutral colors so that I can combine it with almost anything.

Now, let me clarify… I don’t go around buying designer pantsuits on the norm! I took into consideration several factors before I dropped any cold hard $$$.  I knew that this would be a classic, fun staple in my closet forever, even past the end of the “animal print” trend. Leopard print has never truly gone out of style. I can wear this as a suit combo, or I can separate the pieces to pair with other things… the possibilities are endless. Plus, it’s comfortable and so incredibly STRETCHY!! So, when I’m old and not so thin, this will still fit. If you ever need to hunt me down in the nursing home you know what I’ll be wearing.

A cheaper, still-bold option: A Leopard dress, specifically this breezy one from Who What Wear Collection at Target. If you haven’t heard of this brand, you need to hop on it. They have amazing prices and are very on-trend!

And nothing says “casual” like tennis shoes, right? I definitely played down this off-the-shoulder dress to a modern, casual look with the Alexander Wang x Adidas shoes and PVC belt to add definition. You just might believe me if I said I was about to take off to run some errands in New York!

Snakeskin + Crocodile

Say hello to my current favorite shoes! These snakeskin babies were picked up from Mango for about $40. Now that’s a steal for a heel.

With snakeskin, the colors are very neutral, which makes it easy to combine it with an additional pattern or texture without looking like a headache. That’s why the plaid blazer and snakeskin go together so naturally.
You could even make this pattern the “pop” of something that you need in your look. Wear them with a black turtleneck, black trousers, and gold jewelry to let them shine as your central outfit piece!

This crocodile-embossed belt bag is a fun, quirky addition for both functionality and style. Although some may despise this dad-in-Disneyland-wearing-a-fanny-pack type of style, I love that it can act as a belt cinch and add interest to the waist’s definition. Even though it’s simple black, the texture makes it stand out and keeps it exciting. I bought this from Mango also!


Small budget?

This is a zebra jacket that I found at Goodwill for literally $4. If you say that you can’t afford current fashion styles, I don’t believe you. You need to hit up those vintage shops because you will find some true gold – it doesn’t always take that much diggin’!

For this look, I let the jacket take center stage. Its neutral pattern (can you tell I like to play with neutrals?) allows it to match to the simplest of outfits, like this all-black one… so chic. It also looks gorgeous paired with a colored skirt, a simple tee, and black ankle boots to put a spin on it.  

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take fashion risks. Believe me, it’s fun.. you might surprise yourself. I hope this gave you a newfound inspiration to create room in your closet for these new trends that aren’t scary to try.

Create fashion. You just might become iconic. 


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