… it isn’t for everyone.

Aye fellow Nebraskans, I love our new slogan, don’t you?

“Nebraska… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” LOLLL

I mean, makes sense, almost every outsider that comes through our state complains about the weather. Snow in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, and a tornado before bedtime. Plus, we have a lack of restaurant selection in some parts of the state, let alone shopping, city life, things to expl… but wait a second.


Duh, like they just said.. If it were for everyone, well then everyone would live here. But they don’t, and we DO, because of our particular route in life that has caused us to take up a tent here. Maybe it isn’t glamorous, but it’s our livelihoods. It’s about endurance through harsh times, and knowing everyone you run into at Wal-Mart, and Husker Saturdays. I just got to thinking… this relates to almost everything in life, doesn’t it? Not just Nebraska.

I have been thinking lately how “Blogging… honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

…because it is so difficult to keep up sometimes, ya know? There are tons of bloggers out there making millions and making it look easy, but sometimes you make literally zilch and it’s NOT easy. Maybe this is cheesy to connect the two, but it has been on my mind lately how doing this whole “fashion thing” is NOT easy-breezy-beautiful like most think. The struggle is real.


I’d like to be honest here, because my point is, I want you to see I’m not just trying to impress you and look like I have it together 24/7. All you see is the highlight reel that’s being posted through all of my fashion pictures. I’m not trying to make you sympathize, I just want to keep it real. It’s hard to afford it, it’s hard to make time for it, it’s hard to keep pushing when you think it isn’t going anywhere. But I couldn’t do it without the people helping me, like my husband, my mom, and most of all… God.

No, He isn’t my photographer. He doesn’t help me decide what to order online. LOL, most of the time He’s probably like “socks and heels… really Brittli.” But He is always opening doors for me and giving me mini-wins when I don’t think I’m winning at all. But for whatever reason, He is placing this in my lap. It’s kind of weird because I don’t know where it’s going (if it ever goes anywhere at all), but I’m having fun wondering how He has worked this into my plan.

“Cooking… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” “Travel… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” “Nebraska… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” There’s a lot of things we aren’t meant for, but there are some things we are. Because: God placed us here and there for a purpose…. He has a plan.


Isn’t that the whole point? That YOU have been chosen by God for that certain thing? Those “not for everyone” type-things are strategically placed on the shoulders of those that He knows can take it with His guidance. He has built your life knowing that it’s not for everyone, it’s only meant for you because He designed you that way.

Yes, you, that He knows by name. Yes, you, that he knows your deep struggles and what you strive for daily. Yes, you, that he knows the number of hairs on your head. YOU.

He has chosen you to have a meticulous plan that isn’t for everyone, because this is YOUR game plan.


Maybe this was a bunny trail connection, but it was something I felt like sharing. There are truly a lot of people that don’t understand this entire blogging and influencer realm. But, it’s not for everyone. Just like Nebraska isn’t for everyone.

God has a purpose for why you are in situations and jobs and locations and hobbies that aren’t for everyone. It’s because He knows your heart and why it works.


Anyways, I hope to be more bloggity than I have been! I haven’t posted on here in a while, because of my focus being so drawn to my Instagram page (ahem.. check that out if you haven’t!). But I miss firing my thoughts onto this thing… so I’ll be talking more soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading!



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