Mad for Plaid: The Biggest Trend of 2017



I don’t know about you, but lemme tell ya: I am MAD for plaid. I actually have to tell myself, “Brittli, you need to put the plaid AWAY for today. Give it a break.”




Say hello to the biggest trend this year has seen so far. Worn by the superbloggers, celebrities, and businessmen-and-women alike, there are endless ways to rock plaid. There are options across every clothing store you can get your hands on: plaid dresses, plaid coats, plaid trousers, plaid shoes, plaid plaid plaid.

I’ll show you some of the ways I’ve been incorporating a plaid skirt and a plaid blazer into my wardrobe this fall!




This gorgeous, versatile blazer I bought from Zara has seamlessly paired with almost EVERYTHING I own. Shop their site for plaid, since it’s practically everything they are selling at the moment. This double-breasted blazer goes with every neutral imaginable, since it features both brown and black in the color scheme.

In this look, I simply wore all black underneath the plaid so that my accessories would stand out. I wanted the belt and the watch to draw out the browns to relax the outfit, and the gold accentuated that warmth. (I love making otherwise dressy things casual! Like pairing a dress with white sneakers.) If I would’ve worn all black with black accessories, it would’ve looked perfect for a less casual, more dressy/professional setting.




My favorite part about this blazer is that it’s oversized… a major silhouette that has gained heavy popularity over these last couple years and is still going strong.




Menswear and shoulder pads people, MENSWEAR AND SHOULDER PADS! This has been the theme that is taking the fashion world by storm.

You know what they say, everything always comes back into style. We thought in the 00’s that we would say buh-bye forever to shoulder pads. Well, I guess 2017 proved us wrong. Go to any fashion site and you’ll find at least one thing with emphasized shoulders! The 80’s and 90’s were my favorite fashion decades, so I am thrilled that this bold look is back. It makes a woman look so fierce and ready for business, I love it.




For a long time now, I have often found myself shopping for the boxy, oversized pieces in the men’s section for myself just because I love that professionalism that you can make casual in your own way. It only makes sense that now that they are bringing menswear-inspired items to the women’s section.


You’ll find that women’s tailored suits, blazers, and trousers are large-and-in-charge this fashion season.




Care to make a fashion statement? I do! Adding bold shoes to any outfit will spice it up and showcase your unique personality.




My aim for this outfit was: be different.

What have we normally NOT seen matched with blazers, especially the “office only” professional plaid jacket? Well, frayed denim came to mind – something that will definitely make it casual and stand out from tradition. Also, fur… because why not! And the bold shoes topped off my entire motto for this one. The neutral colors (instead of any colorful pieces) are what helped the outfit stay toned down and not too crazy.




Now, this is something that can be taken one way or the other. This outfit can be office friendly, it can be event friendly, it can be running errands and grabbing coffee friendly.




My theme/motto for this outfit: Rachel off of Friends.

What I really want to do is walk the streets of New York in this and go to my big skyscraper for work. So that’s what I’m pretending here.




I had to have this skirt when I saw it because…. LENGTH. I hate wearing things that are too short, it makes me uncomfortable! I’ve had a great amount of luck with Loft skirts. They are all so simple and fashionable, but have the best coverage and quality I can find for a decent price (and they also have sales quite often).



Well, that’s all folks! What trend are you “mad” for?

I’d love to hear your feedback below, or perhaps spark some ideas for me on what you’d like to see written next. I’ll probably write a pt.2 to this plaid post because… I just can’t stop lovin’ on it. P.S. in the pic above, I noticed I’m pretty sure I have a double chin when I laugh… hahaha welcome to adulthood. Yayyyyyyy

Thanks for checking out my post!


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