Get Ready With Me!


Having a go-to makeup routine is important for those mornings that you have to rush out the door (like me). That’s why I’ve put together this post for you, which is only 10 steps!

Some important factors in this makeup look:

1. easy to do, 2. fast to accomplish, and 3. natural looking (for the sake of wearing daily).



Over the years, I have experimented with many different beauty products and found the best products and perfect solutions for me and my skin, which is normal with an oily T-zone.

I’ve rounded up my morning routine for you so that you can follow me step-by-step to see how I achieve a 15 minute easy-peasy natural look!


Step 1: Apply Moisturizer


I have found Glossier to be my best friend when it comes to natural, dewy looks. This is because they are *big* on taking care of your skin first, and making sure it is moisturized before you even start your makeup!  This is their Priming Moisturizer (obviously a great plus to have primer in there too!)


Take a small drop and rub all over the skin – a little goes a long way.


Step 2: Apply Foundation


After trying out many foundations, I have found Urban Decay’s Naked Foundation to be my favorite. I like good coverage, but it is not heavy and it is buildable. It truly blends with the skin – it’s hard to tell I even have foundation on!


I put polka dots all over my face, then…


I blend it out with my dampened Beauty Blender.


Step 3: Brows


I love a bold brow, but one that is not overdone. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz from Sephora in shade Taupe has a perfectly natural roll-up pencil on one side, and a blender on the other. In my opinion, it doesn’t look “drawn on” and is very natural looking.


I finish out my brows with Glossier’s Boy Brow Gel in Clear, one of their most beloved products. This keeps my stray brow hairs in place.


Step 4: Concealer


This is where the dewy goodness comes in. Glossier’s Stretch Concealer only needs a few dips of the finger to cancel out those dark, uneven under eyes. This product also includes their key moisturizing ingredients, which is important for this sensitive eye area (which can age quickly if not taken care of).



Step 5: Eyeshadow


My eyes are hazel, so I like to bring out the golden and green colors with warmer, pink based eyeshadows. The Tartelette in Bloom Palette by Tarte, found at Sephora, is a reasonably priced selection of gorgeous shades with great pigment (meaning you don’t have to apply a million layers for the true color to show up).


To make sure my shadow lasts all day, I use the Smashbox Eyeshadow Primer and rub a very tiny amount all over my lids first.


It’s easy to achieve a polished look by applying only 1 shade from this palette, although I love building 3 together for a light smoky eye. My favorite brushes (and cheapest brushes) to use are from Morphe Cosmetics.


Go back under the eyes to conceal any eyeshadow powder fallout that might have occurred while doing your smokey eye.


Step 6: Mascara


This is my absolute favorite mascara ever… although the name of it is quite weird, it works like a charm.


Step 7: Blush


Using the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, I put a small amount of this cream blush on each of my my middle fingers, and then apply the product lightly with my middle finger and ring finger.



Step 8: Highlighter


As one of my last steps, I accentuate the cheekbones with a cream highlighter, the Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, which is super handy because it is a twist-up dispenser (think chapstick).


I swipe this product on my cheekbones, in between my concealer and blush areas. I also put a swipe of it down the middle of my nose, and blend.


Step 9: Chapstick/Lipstick


I can’t really call this product a chapstick OR a lipstick… it’s almost like a tinted chapstick but more than that? Idk. All I’ve got to say is it’s amazing. This is the Glossier Generation G lipstick in Zip.


It looks like a very light lipstick, but it feels like a chapstick. It has a polished appearance, yet it stays in place, and when it comes off throughout the day, it simply looks like a chapstick fading away… no awkward lipstick residue.


It’s a lovely product to keep in your purse. You can literally swipe this on without having to look in a mirror to apply. Definitely a favorite!


Step 10: Setting Spray


I mean, all of those 15 minutes for nothing? Of course you want your natural look to stay in place all day. I use the Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray so that my finished look doesn’t budge throughout the day or night.


And here it is!! 15 minutes, 10 steps, affordable products, and a daily look. It doesn’t get much better than this. By the way, you can shop the exact products I used in this routine in my latest posts on Instagram. I finally got accepted to RewardStyle so now, you can shop the exact items all in one place!


Note: Eyeliner is always an option, but sometimes it can be time consuming and frustrating and heavy-looking. So lately, I’ve opted without.


Well, whatddyathink? Leave a comment below and let me know!

I’ve been trying to incorporate more beauty posts on my blog and Instagram. Let me know what you’d like to see next in that regard!

Have a great week, happy makeup-ing!


9 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me!

  1. Love the finish look! It definitely looks so natural , not too much, not too little! I love it! And Britt you’re so pretty 😘

  2. Great products!!! Thanks for the tips!!! You always look so beautiful and put together… I can’t beleive it is only a 15 minute routine!!!

  3. My go to makeup routine on days when I have to dash out of the door is a nice natural look- a bit or NARS foundation (which I highly recommend, the colour match is seamless), a touch of mascara, and that’s pretty much all I wear on days like that. If theres one thing I’ve learned about makeup, its that you don’t need to doll up completely when it isn’t necessary.

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