How to Transition Your Summer Dresses Into Fall


Once that transition into autumn starts, we can’t help that our heart breaks for those summer dresses that we loved so dearly and want to continue wearing.

I don’t know about you, but my closet cries when I have to put those cute summer clothes away for next year!

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But boy, do I have news for you! It’s actually quite easy to break the hype that summer dresses HAVE to be worn in the summer.


Here I will show you an easy way to transition a couple of my favorite floral dresses, although temperatures are starting to cool down. The perfect thing to throw on when it hits 60-70 degrees.

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When we think of fall, we think of darker colors and a heavier feel. In these first 3 pictures, I’ve shown that by using a dress of good length (especially helpful with the cooler temps) is easy to make a bit edgier. I’ve accented the black colors of the floral with a studded black purse, as well as matching studded sandals.

Although I am still wearing a summer dress and sandals, I’ve caused my “vibe” to become a bit darker and edgier for fall. I also threw on these retro sunglasses in white, which have been very popular in the fashion world lately! This outfit definitely showcases a nice clash of Retro + Feminine Edge.


Accessories, although small, can speak volumes about an outfit. As you can see, exchanging the sunglasses for a popular wide-brimmed hat for fall COMPLETELY changed up my look!


I have parted with the funky retro theme and now have a more “Indie” look. Total game changer. It’s fairly easy to throw together an Indie ensemble; usually hats like this one in addition to statement ankle boots or sandals can complete the idea. I chose a black hat because, again, it highlights the purpose of an outfit with deeper darker tones for fall. It also ups the edge that I tried to go for with my studded accessories.


Now mixing both looks just for fun… Feminine + Edgy + Retro + Indie! I don’t know how, but somehow it isn’t too overwhelming!


Another way to incorporate those floral, flowy dresses into fall is by simply finding some with a bit more length – whether it’s the hem length (such as the longer red one above) or by the length of sleeves.

I opted to shop for a dress with long sleeves so that it could be worn for the purpose of fall transition weather, rainy spring weather, or even for those silly summer Nebraska days where it can be 100 degrees one day and 60 the next.


Don’t you love how the 90’s are making a comeback? I sure do. Slip dresses, over-the-knee boots, hoop earrings, and anything Jennifer Aniston. Simpler jewelry looks best with this dress because of its busy pattern.


Another example of why prints look best while accentuated with clean, solid colored accessories. “Mules” shoes, or slide-on shoes without backing, are the most popular choice for footwear right now.


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Have a lovely day – don’t forget to take it one thread at a time.


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