3 Ways to Wear a Bandana


Bandanas are all the rave now – they’ve been sported around the neck, in a hairstyle, tied on a belt loop, on a purse, or even wrapped around an ankle.


And I can’t stop wearing them. It’s a dangerous addiction… I have too many to count! But, it pays off when there are endless outfit combinations to make with them. Let me show you some of my go-to’s!

(Also, read to the end for some details on how I put these outfits together!)



The classy and popular option 

Tying a bandana around the neck combines casual comfort + trendy effortlessness. In my opinion, it is essential to have at LEAST 3 major pieces in an outfit that compliment each other to truly make a completed look. After the top and bottom pieces are in place, we have one left to be incorporated… a belt, a bag, a hat, a necklace… and now a bandana becomes an option for that missing accessory.


For me, having these 3 pieces close together is important to focus the eye and make the outfit look “put together.” The bandana can easily be styled closely to the 2 pieces by wearing it on the neck, polishing the look off. It also takes the place of having to worry about matching jewelry to your outfit (added bonus!). Unless of course, you feel like layering with a necklace for some extra pizazz, like I did with my neutral outfit pictured above.



Using the bandana in a unique way

The belt loop is often an accessory opportunity overlooked. Other than using loops for belts, they are a great way to add small patterns or pops of color like this one.

My one recommendation is to make sure that the bandana isn’t too large or too stiff, as it will cause the flow of this accessory to look a bit bulged and awkward. Bandanas like the ones I have styled meet the light + flowy standard, and are best found at either Madewell or sometimes Target.



Adding the bandana as a touch of detail to your bag 

Sometimes, our purses, satchels, or summery bags just need that twist of… something. Perhaps to add a little personality of our own, or simply to include a playful color or pattern to an otherwise neutral bag. And the best part is, you aren’t committing to a permanent detail to your favorite purse… you can always replace or take away this addition! Feel free to switch it up to match your mood.


This third option is best done by adding the bandana+purse combo to a simple outfit – an accessory-heavy one would make it appear a bit too busy and overdone. Be sure to keep in mind that the bandana is no longer ON you, as a part of your actual outfit, it is now an accessory to the accessory… a simple balance is very necessary.


Now, for a little talk about these 2 outfits!


Adidas Outfit: To me, it is SO fun to mix two contrasting styles and challenge yourself to make them intertwine – in this case, I’ve done sporty with feminine. The Adidas shirt is automatically a sporty item, but because it is blush pink, it becomes easy to transform the look into something more girly.

I picked Adidas Originals Stan Smith shoes to compliment the white shirt logo, as well as the sporty aspect. The moment I brought in a floral bandana, a denim skirt, and a popular summer straw bag, it instantly created a different and more feminine vibe. The bandana perfectly unites the look with its pink tones (to match Adidas shirt), brown tones (straw bag), and dusty blue (denim skirt). And an added tip – if you have long legs like me, you can create an optical illusion of shorter legs with white shoes!


Summer/Fall Mix Outfit: In the summertime, I usually go the shorts and tank top route to keep cool, while in the fall and winter, I bundle up and wear pants and a jacket/sweater. During transition season (when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind) I like to have an element of each season just in case.


Here, I have lightweight cargo pants and a breezy tank both from Madewell. I’m keeping it simple, but being prepared for the now chillier mornings and nights, and the still hot afternoons. Accessorizing with this neutral outfit was fun and easy – I tied the black together with my shoes, bandana, necklace, and hat, keeping it warm-toned with the gold in my necklace. I was able to add either option of these summery neutral “it-bags”, which kept the earthy tones consistent.

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