How Do We Stay Christ-Conscious In The World Of Fashion?

Lately, this has been bothering me.

Is this overly-saturated world of style… wrong? Or even just social media in general. Constant selfies, look-what-I-just-bought, self-absorbed posts filling our Instagrams and polluting our minds with what we need to live to a happy life. Unnecessary ingredients to spit out the perfect person recipe. We scroll through the highlight reels from others and desire the same as them. If only we had that designer bag, that quality overpriced blazer, that modern naturally-lit home, that sporadic dream vacation… We become jealous, envious, and it brutally destroys our right state of mind.

How do we stay Christ-conscious in today’s world of style? How do we not let these worldly deprecations seep into our well-being and spiritual-being? Where do we draw the line of self | God.. and whom are we attempting to please, Him or us?

Can we walk the fine line of what God wants and what we want? Should we flirt with that line AT ALL? It’s weighing heavy on my heart. I can’t stop thinking about the “influencers” of fashion and, when combined with the gravity of social media, what it can do to us. Sometimes, we get lost in it and lose our Christ-consciousness.

How do we draw the line between being self-absorbed and God-absorbed?

Sure, we can appreciate some of the things our society has to offer. It’s great to #treatyourself every once in awhile!

But how far is too far? How many steps until we are on the edge of the pit of destruction and we are no longer pleasing ourselves, we are pleasing the world around us? The pit is deep, the fall is numbing.

Before I go further, let me share my logic and intentions of starting this blog and my Instagram in the first place, and what led me to this post.

I would love to have an online brand/store one day, it’s always been “the dream”. I thought of this blog + Insta combo as a great stepping stone to get there. Not only would I put my style into consistent practice and have a somewhat-paid creative outlet, I would accumulate a source of potential customers that appreciate and become comfortable with my style. People ready to see this brand unleash once I open the online doors of my business. People like YOU would help support that business one day, and you would be right there instead of starting from absolute scratch.

Entrepreneurial? I think it is… lots of bloggers who gained enough traction turned around and did the same thing. They’re already showcasing products for other companies in order to influence their market of viewers who like their taste in style… why not make that brand theirs?

So anyway, I came up with this idea in hopes that one day, it will pay off when I am ready to start my own business. It makes sense in my mind. In the process, I can accumulate the amount of followers that businesses prefer a blogger to have in order to pay me to style and market their products.

Sounds superficial, doesn’t it? I know. I kind of hate even typing it out.

But, now that I’ve struggled to reach these pre-determined levels of Insta-success in the past few years, poured a stupid amount of money into new pieces to style outfits with, built up the frustration of forcing outfit pictures when I rarely have time, paying people to help me successfully beat algorithms… is it worth it? Is it a waste? Is this too superficial?

What about the perception of the outside looking in?

What do people see when they look at my Instagram? Do people think, “Wow, this chick’s got a lot of pictures of herself.” “I wish I could afford to have this/that…” “Self-absorbed.” “What a millennial.”

I wonder if they do, because when I look at other people and their style, I find myself desiring more things I don’t have. I start to feel more insecure and less content. I would never doubt that everyone does this from time to time.

I understand that what others think about us may not always matter, but does this even please God? What about Him? Are we falling into a path of self-loving destruction? Are we causing others to stumble by making them think greedy and egotistical thoughts?

Could you see Jesus having an Instagram and posting and posing for the world wide web to see? I mean, duh we’d all love to see His wise thoughts and everyday journeys, what He recommends, how He lives. His selfies would probably break the Internet… and I’m sure He would have more than just 12 followers on there. But honestly, I’m guessing He would be too humble for it and would be completely enveloped in the Father.

As a Christian – a follower of Christ – I want to be all-in for God. I want to strap on Jesus sandals and walk the walk. I purposefully try to watch my every step out of respect for the Almighty, and if I step astray, oh how I desire to correct it back to the path of righteousness. I’m afraid and worried that I could be on the wrong path… or at least, the path of thorns is close by.

Here’s what I think: God wants us to use our talents and gifts if they don’t get in the way of glorifying + obeying Him.

“But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death. Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.”

James 1:14-18

All good gifts are sent from Him alone, but once these take over God’s precedence in our lives, it becomes a problem. Am I cancelling out daily devotional time with God to take stylish pictures instead? Am I dishonoring my marriage by overspending on items we can’t afford in hopes that I make a successful blog? Am I scrolling and filling myself with envy and discontentment for the things I don’t have? Am I posting to make others like me, or perhaps to feel approved?

Once we cross that line, it becomes sin. If we balance the two, and are utterly careful not to get overtaken by our own selfish desires but rather insist on God first us second, well then it might be okay, I think.

I recently took a massive detox from this all-consuming fashion-world so I could concentrate on the bigger picture. I went months without buying a single thing except maybe a $20 shirt on clearance at the local Target, if that counts. I went months posting barely anything at all, and I’ll be honest, I was so much less stressed and anxious. I separated myself from something that started taking over. But, at the same time, it was depressing and suppressing for me because I wasn’t releasing my creativity. I was sad and down in the dumps because I wasn’t creatively expressing myself like I was used to. I realized I do need bouts of innovation and self-expression, it’s just who I am!

But we should worry less about our online presence and more about our right-here-right-now presence.

It was really hard for me to have that break. I made the choice to do it, though, because I needed to STOP. Breathe. Read my Bible. Speak with God. Spend quality time with my husband. Enjoy LIFE and not worry constantly about picture opportunities. I got to live my life and be in it, not be swallowed by it.

He must become greater, I must become less.

That step back made me see the bigger picture and God in the midst of it. He must become greater, I must become less. I just have to prioritize what really matters, and that’s Him. Everything will come after, and as long as He is at my battlefront, nothing else can take over.

Let’s take action to heed the world from our Christ-conscious hearts.

God clearly states in James 1 that the gifts He gives us are just that… gifts He gives us. And everything from Him is good and perfect. But, when we are lured in by our desires and we sign our lives over to them, this is when it becomes a sin.

If I scrounge up every second of my spare time and fill up every corner of my brain with thoughts of things that are all about self, I’ve stepped into the danger zone. Focusing on my outfits, my feed, how I look, my measure of success, my capacity to please others and if it’s enough. But while I’m getting wrapped up in all this, I am overriding my time with God where I could’ve spent that time in my Bible, praying, and worshipping instead. I could’ve clearly seen the parts of His Word where He reassures me that I am enough, tells me to cast all burdens at His feet, asks me to seek Him above all else, and to humbly come before Him with praise, adoration, prayer and thanksgiving.

He does want us to be who He intended for us to be, He just doesn’t want us to get overwhelmed and undertaken by the current. Especially things like greed, envy, discontent, boasting, and jealousy – all common factors with participants of social media.

Oh and did you catch that part that says, “Of His own will, He brought us forth by the Word of Truth.” He created us to be His children, longing for our Father, the very person we were made to be. Do you see that? He thought the world needed one of YOU. With all of your mistakes, talents, and hairs numbered… He knows you and the unique talents and gifts you have. He knows your words before you speak them. After all, He’s the Master and Creator of your detailed life plan!

In this time I have reflected so, so much on if I want to even continue blogging and Instagramming. All these years, I’ve had the best intentions in pursuit of this, but I begin to worry about causing others to stumble down a path of greed simply by showing the latest and greatest product that I love. I was worried that people would log onto Instagram and see me, me, ME all over my feed and think I was selfish. I began feeling anxious thinking of the time, energy, and money I could be dumping into this unsuccessful drain.

Because I feel that God blesses us with certain talents and creativeness, I don’t think it would be possible for me to stray from style since it’s in my blueprint. But I will tell you that I am changing to concentrate less on myself and my own desires, and more on Him. He is in the front seat. Heck, He’s the driver. And where He goes I will follow. The journey won’t be a perfect one with me being a backseat driver. I’ll probably try to steer on my own a time or two more, but if I do, I’ve learned how to step back.

I’m going to keep at it but I’m going to stay Christ-conscious. I desire nothing more than to honor God with what I do. Nothing comes before Him, nothing. He gets a prioritized spot in my day above all else.

I’m going to continue to boldly speak Christ-consciousness into fashion and style, including the importance of modesty, financial logic, and posting something only after I’ve spoken to God that day. No more letting it breach my mind.

I’m going to post encouragement, such as Bible verses, to intentionally convey my purpose (of even being on this earth) to anyone watching on social media.

I’m going to stay smart about my pocketbook. I’ll put my family at the forefront of our finances, not fashion. I won’t stretch our money just to buy a new shirt. I will only buy something if I will have it as a piece to wear time and time again, only when suitable.

And lastly, I am placing my identity in Christ.

My identity is not a fashion blogger. My identity is in Christ. Who cares if I am successful in style? This world will pass away. My success is in Christ. I want eternal rewards for being a daughter of the King. If there’s anything somebody remembers about me, I hope they remember my identity as a Christ-follower over a fashion-blogger.

My style is Christ. Jesus is my fashion.

I will put on the armor of God for my #OutfitOfTheDay today and every day after. The belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, shoes of readiness given by the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, helmet of salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit. And that in opening my mouth, the words I proclaim will boldly declare the mystery of the gospel.

I challenge you to be #ChristConscious with me in this world that does nothing but try to tear us down.


Thanks for reading!

The Daily Threads City Guide to Charleston + Savannah

Have you ever traveled somewhere that you instantly connected to and never wanted to leave? Possibly even dreamed of buying a second home there if you ever won the lottery? Well, I get ya, because that’s how I feel about Charleston, SC + Savannah, GA. A vacation house between the two would be my cup of tea! These charming southern getaways have so much to offer, and in this city guide, I’ve packed in the tips so that you can enjoy it to the MAX like I did!

My husband and I visited just last month, in January. We’ve been to Charleston before during April, and loved it so much that we made an excuse to go back again! This time, we decided to go during their “winter” season… which simply felt like a beautiful springtime in Nebraska! The 50’s-60’s weather was perfect for biking around on the marina, right behind our hotel, The Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina.

Biking on the Marina / Charleston, SC

Tip: Visiting during the “winter season” saves you lots of $$$ since it’s off-season for tourists… but, if you come during April/May, you have the chance to get in on tons of summer events that are going on, plus warmer weather!

After you take a brisk bike ride, grab lunch @ Hyman’s Seafood for the most popular and delicious seafood destination in town. The fresh catch-of-the-day tacos (I had Mahi-Mahi) are out of this world! Be sure to look at the name plates on your table.. you might be sitting in the same seat that a star once sat in.

To walk off your full bellies, take a walk together down Folly Beach. As a Nebraska native who jumps at the chance for a trip to the lake, the ocean was easily one of my favorite parts of the trip! The vast expanse of rolling waters as far as the eye can see is a sight for sore eyes. Be sure to hunt for seashells, splash around to suffice your inner 5 year old, and just simply relax. 🙂

For dinner, hit up the fresh seafood restaurants that are within walking distance from the beach, like the Folly Beach Crab Shack. This was my FAVORITE meal on the trip, because I’m a sucker for fresh seafood, especially when it’s crab legs! Derek got the fried tilapia and chips, which was also unbelievably good (stealing bites from your spouse’s plate is a given).

Start Day 2 by livin’ the Beech life with an acai bowl from Beech on King Street. I was a first timer, I had never had one before… and I fell in LOVE with acai bowls, wowza! If anyone has their own recipes to make these bowls of heaven at home, send them my way puh-leease!

view of King Street

Continue to enjoy your morning downtown by wandering the beautiful and popular King Street. From the unique shopping atmosphere to the pastel buildings, to the friendly Charlestonians and live music on the street, this is a morning stroll you won’t want to miss. There are tons of amazing food options on King Street to grab lunch at, too! Nearby is one of Derek and I’s favorites, 167 Raw.

Up next, you’ll want to check “fishing in the ocean” off of your bucket list!

Spend your afternoon fishing off of one of the many charter boats in Charleston! There are lots of fishermen in this area who charge a flat fee to take you out fishing for the day. We went with a local captain that someone had referred us to. Our in-shore fishing experience was unplanned and last-minute, but it was by far one of our most memorable experiences on this getaway. Plan for at least 4 hours on the waters, or more if the fish are bitin’!

We caught a flounder, a speckled sea bass, and a stingray! Don’t forget to look for the friendly dolphins that could be following your boat!

Take a pit stop @ Lewis BBQ, hands down some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life. I tried the pork sandwich with fries and a side of kale coleslaw, with green BBQ sauce (weird, I know, but it was the best dip ever), and banana pudding for dessert. Not only was the food out-of-this-world, but the atmosphere was an inviting, modern/industrial hangout that I think Joanna Gaines would be proud of. I could easily pitch a tent and live in that place.

To end your day on a high note, walk around Charleston’s Historical District around sunset and take in all of the quaint pastel buildings that are rich with history and immaculate details. Be sure to check out the famous Rainbow Row while you do so, one of Charleston’s oldest blocks of houses that hide their years of history with black shutters and windowsill flowers, and are painted with a rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Row

Day 3: Pack your bags for a short 2 hour roadtrip… Hello, Savannah, GA!

The Cotton Exchange

Welcome to the city they call America’s most romantic! Once you arrive, make your way to Bay Street and find a parking space near The Cotton Exchange (orange building pictured above) to start your day. In this area, you can grab a coffee and a pastry, do some antique browsing, and hop onto a city tour on either a trolly or horse-drawn carriage.

Cafe M (or should I say Cafe Mmmmm) is where we stopped for our morning fuel, which is also on Bay St. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found this Parisian-inspired cafe with yummy macaroons and decadent croissants!!

Now it’s time to dive into the rich history of Savannah. Walk about 1 minute further down Bay St., and you’ll see a small business offering guided city tours. We decided to take the hop on/hop off trolly, where there are 15 stops around the city that allow you to get off and explore. It comes back every 15 minutes, which was very convenient!

Walking on Bay St.

We actually ended up utilizing the hop on/hop off trolly ALL day, since our tickets lasted until 5pm. It took us through the heart of the city, with restaurants, shopping, and history galore, which made it so easy for us to get around this way, without having to worry about parking!

Throughout the day, we saw all of the city “squares” containing low-hanging live oak trees and historical statues/dedications, and we saw gorgeous churches such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the First African Baptist Church, including a glimpse into their safe haven for the Underground Railroad and the quilts they used as maps for those escaping.

After traveling around town for awhile, we decided to “hop off” and eat at The Lady & Sons… Paula Deen’s famous restaurant known for it’s mouth-watering southern cuisine. We chose the buffet for lunch so that we could try a bit of everything, from collard greens to fried chicken, to the peach cobbler for dessert! Man, was it delicious.

Room at The Alida

Time to check inn, and sneak inn a quick afternoon nap. Welcome to the minimalist’s paradise, The Alida. This brand-new, cozy boutique hotel was perfect down to every last detail! I longed after their gorgeous aesthetic, which fit my taste to a T, and the service that they provided was also outstanding. We were greeted with a valet, refreshments, and the choice of sparkling or still water in a custom water bottle. I sure felt like a princess in my castle!

The Alida Lobby

The refreshingly modern and clean aesthetic of The Alida caused it to surpass all of my hotel expectations.

Time for dinner! Here is my outfit look for our last night on vacay. I’m wearing a locally purchased sweater (shoutout to LynneMorgan Boutique in Scottsbluff), trousers from Mango, hair barrettes from Pixie Market, and these fun boots from Asos.

We tried dinner at The Treylor Park, which had a very unique hipster vibe and menu! Derek tried the chicken strawberry pancake tacos (LOLLL these sound so gross but they were pretty good) and I had a chicken pot pie that was cooked like a fried burrito. Yum!

For the last night of your adventure, be sure to take your sweet time enjoying the last delicious southern meal you’ll have in awhile. Soak up the last bit of vacation you have left and enjoy each other’s company! Or maybe you just need a little extra time to digest those interesting tacos. 😉

If you’re like me, you’ll find that both Charleston and Savannah are a home-away-from-home because of the friendly, hospitable people that live there… it was striking to us that everyone was SO kind and didn’t act like “city folk”. These two locations have so much to offer, much more to offer than I was able to put together on this city guide. I hope that someday, you are able to get away to these charming cities and love it as much as we did!

Thank you for reading my first city guide, I hope to do more of these in the future.


When In Doubt, Thrift It Out

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day outfit to impress your S.O.? Look no further.

Remember that thing called Goodwill? Yeah, your old buddy? He misses you, and all the other vintage shops in town do too. You see, here’s the deal: online shopping is great, until it’s t-minus 2 days until Valentine’s Day, and you simply can’t get anything here in time (unless you pay an arm and a leg for shipping of course). And if you’re a small-towner like me, there’s NOWHERE to shop in person either!

In addition to that, you’re on a money crunch. Trying to save for this month’s bills, trying to save up for another trip around the globe, whatever.. you can’t be dropping a ton of $$$ for one date night, right? What’s the answer to looking fashionable with your time and budget? Vintage shopping.

Look no further for your new date night outfit! Local vintage shops have hidden treasures, awaiting you in their dusty, quaint corners, full of stories and waiting to be found. I got this ENTIRE (yes literally entire) outfit, down to the accessories, shoes, etc.. completely from vintage shops + a quick Goodwill run. It took me maybe an hour to get everything, and I spent roughly $25 on all of it.

Perhaps my most exciting find while searching for this date night outfit, was these $2 tortoise heart-shaped barrettes… HOW PERFECT ARE THEY for Valentine’s Day?!

Why does fashion need to be expensive?

It doesn’t! In this look, I went for rich textures (suede, heavy knit, + croc boots) and gold accents, which elevates the outfit to an expensive-looking, high quality outfit, while only paying as much as your 2 items at whole foods. 😉

Don’t expect to walk in to a Goodwill or vintage shop and find something that you’d also see walking into H&M or Buckle… look for pieces that are demanding of their timelessness, simple, and of course, your size. Make sure that you prepare yourself with a bit of patience, as sometimes the hunt is the route to finding the “good stuff”!

Keep in mind.. accessories are the key to elevating any look, no matter how simple the clothing! You’ll be surprised at how you can change an item so old into something refreshing and fun with a touch of sparkle and the right pair of shoes.

“I went for rich textures and gold accents, which elevates the outfit to an expensive-looking, high quality outfit”

It makes me giddy with happiness to go on a little treasure hunt to find these extraordinary pieces… that no one else will have! I literally get so excited when I feel like I “scored” on several pieces that are stylish and SO cheap!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Remember this on Valentine’s Day too! 1 Corinthians 13


All About Animal Print

In fashion, there are no rules. That’s one of my favorite parts about it. Interestingly, all of the rules that we break in fashion… CREATE fashion. 

Some may not like the head-turning, daring outfit choices that are made by style role-models, especially immediately after being introduced for the first time. It can be intimidating to see something so odd and different, hot off the runway. But in my head… “Well, that is what fashion IS. Isn’t it? That’s how it came to be.” So honestly… take the risk.  You just might become iconic.

New trends are almost always birthed by bold, unique, “out-there” looks that are heavily pushed until they eventually become a current style that everybody all-of-a-sudden has to get their hands on. After our eyes are exposed to those weird things for a period of time, we become used to them and end up wanting to do it ourselves.

Animal prints are a loud, bold choice that are sure to turn heads. These prints can easily scare the fashion timid at first… it might seem “wild” to incorporate this high fashion into our everyday wear. But after so many of us dared to step up and out of the box with this new idea – with increasing nods of acceptance – animal print easily became Fall/Winter 2018’s biggest trend. I want to show you how seamlessly and beautifully you, too, can tie this into your wardrobe. Let me ease you into styling these prints both fiercely and casually.

Leopard Print

Want to make a statement? 

Leopard print is intentionally at the top of my list. I invested in this Anine Bing pantsuit for obvious reasons… it is now the most fabulous thing I own. I love that it has neutral colors so that I can combine it with almost anything.

Now, let me clarify… I don’t go around buying designer pantsuits on the norm! I took into consideration several factors before I dropped any cold hard $$$.  I knew that this would be a classic, fun staple in my closet forever, even past the end of the “animal print” trend. Leopard print has never truly gone out of style. I can wear this as a suit combo, or I can separate the pieces to pair with other things… the possibilities are endless. Plus, it’s comfortable and so incredibly STRETCHY!! So, when I’m old and not so thin, this will still fit. If you ever need to hunt me down in the nursing home you know what I’ll be wearing.

A cheaper, still-bold option: A Leopard dress, specifically this breezy one from Who What Wear Collection at Target. If you haven’t heard of this brand, you need to hop on it. They have amazing prices and are very on-trend!

And nothing says “casual” like tennis shoes, right? I definitely played down this off-the-shoulder dress to a modern, casual look with the Alexander Wang x Adidas shoes and PVC belt to add definition. You just might believe me if I said I was about to take off to run some errands in New York!

Snakeskin + Crocodile

Say hello to my current favorite shoes! These snakeskin babies were picked up from Mango for about $40. Now that’s a steal for a heel.

With snakeskin, the colors are very neutral, which makes it easy to combine it with an additional pattern or texture without looking like a headache. That’s why the plaid blazer and snakeskin go together so naturally.
You could even make this pattern the “pop” of something that you need in your look. Wear them with a black turtleneck, black trousers, and gold jewelry to let them shine as your central outfit piece!

This crocodile-embossed belt bag is a fun, quirky addition for both functionality and style. Although some may despise this dad-in-Disneyland-wearing-a-fanny-pack type of style, I love that it can act as a belt cinch and add interest to the waist’s definition. Even though it’s simple black, the texture makes it stand out and keeps it exciting. I bought this from Mango also!


Small budget?

This is a zebra jacket that I found at Goodwill for literally $4. If you say that you can’t afford current fashion styles, I don’t believe you. You need to hit up those vintage shops because you will find some true gold – it doesn’t always take that much diggin’!

For this look, I let the jacket take center stage. Its neutral pattern (can you tell I like to play with neutrals?) allows it to match to the simplest of outfits, like this all-black one… so chic. It also looks gorgeous paired with a colored skirt, a simple tee, and black ankle boots to put a spin on it.  

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take fashion risks. Believe me, it’s fun.. you might surprise yourself. I hope this gave you a newfound inspiration to create room in your closet for these new trends that aren’t scary to try.

Create fashion. You just might become iconic. 


… it isn’t for everyone.

Aye fellow Nebraskans, I love our new slogan, don’t you?

“Nebraska… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” LOLLL

I mean, makes sense, almost every outsider that comes through our state complains about the weather. Snow in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, and a tornado before bedtime. Plus, we have a lack of restaurant selection in some parts of the state, let alone shopping, city life, things to expl… but wait a second.


Duh, like they just said.. If it were for everyone, well then everyone would live here. But they don’t, and we DO, because of our particular route in life that has caused us to take up a tent here. Maybe it isn’t glamorous, but it’s our livelihoods. It’s about endurance through harsh times, and knowing everyone you run into at Wal-Mart, and Husker Saturdays. I just got to thinking… this relates to almost everything in life, doesn’t it? Not just Nebraska.

I have been thinking lately how “Blogging… honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

…because it is so difficult to keep up sometimes, ya know? There are tons of bloggers out there making millions and making it look easy, but sometimes you make literally zilch and it’s NOT easy. Maybe this is cheesy to connect the two, but it has been on my mind lately how doing this whole “fashion thing” is NOT easy-breezy-beautiful like most think. The struggle is real.


I’d like to be honest here, because my point is, I want you to see I’m not just trying to impress you and look like I have it together 24/7. All you see is the highlight reel that’s being posted through all of my fashion pictures. I’m not trying to make you sympathize, I just want to keep it real. It’s hard to afford it, it’s hard to make time for it, it’s hard to keep pushing when you think it isn’t going anywhere. But I couldn’t do it without the people helping me, like my husband, my mom, and most of all… God.

No, He isn’t my photographer. He doesn’t help me decide what to order online. LOL, most of the time He’s probably like “socks and heels… really Brittli.” But He is always opening doors for me and giving me mini-wins when I don’t think I’m winning at all. But for whatever reason, He is placing this in my lap. It’s kind of weird because I don’t know where it’s going (if it ever goes anywhere at all), but I’m having fun wondering how He has worked this into my plan.

“Cooking… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” “Travel… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” “Nebraska… honestly, it’s not for everyone.” There’s a lot of things we aren’t meant for, but there are some things we are. Because: God placed us here and there for a purpose…. He has a plan.


Isn’t that the whole point? That YOU have been chosen by God for that certain thing? Those “not for everyone” type-things are strategically placed on the shoulders of those that He knows can take it with His guidance. He has built your life knowing that it’s not for everyone, it’s only meant for you because He designed you that way.

Yes, you, that He knows by name. Yes, you, that he knows your deep struggles and what you strive for daily. Yes, you, that he knows the number of hairs on your head. YOU.

He has chosen you to have a meticulous plan that isn’t for everyone, because this is YOUR game plan.


Maybe this was a bunny trail connection, but it was something I felt like sharing. There are truly a lot of people that don’t understand this entire blogging and influencer realm. But, it’s not for everyone. Just like Nebraska isn’t for everyone.

God has a purpose for why you are in situations and jobs and locations and hobbies that aren’t for everyone. It’s because He knows your heart and why it works.


Anyways, I hope to be more bloggity than I have been! I haven’t posted on here in a while, because of my focus being so drawn to my Instagram page (ahem.. check that out if you haven’t!). But I miss firing my thoughts onto this thing… so I’ll be talking more soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading!



Easter 2018


Happy Easter, friends! He is risen!!!

After suffering and dying on the cross for our sins, 3 days later Jesus Christ rose from the grave, which gives us the promise of an eternal life if we are saved through Him! This is why we celebrate Easter, and why we have hope. Thank goodness for Jesus saving our sins. I’m definitely not perfect, but through my Savior, I can be guaranteed forgiveness and life forever in heaven with Him. It’s not really all about the Easter bunny – it’s about the Lamb! Now that’s what I call #BLESSED.

Springtime and Easter always makes me so happy. Other than the fact that we are reminded that Jesus died for us, it’s also a time to breath in fresh air and start conquering goals (maybe overdue NYE goals like me lol), and growing and blooming just like the lil’ flowers are.

I always get pumped to plan my Easter outfit, since it’s usually during the first hint of spring. Spring is definitely a favorite season of mine in fashion, since you can pretty much get away with anything – pants or skirts, sweaters or tank tops, you name it! This is how I styled myself this year.




The basis of my Easter outfit HAD to be this yellow corduroy blazer from Zara. Yellow is really huge in statement colors right now, and corduroy is a forever love of mine. It was love at first sight! I’m also considering buying the matching pants….




And then I saw this little baby cherub T-shirt too… OH I COULDN’T RESIST! Plus it’s kinda funny, and it’s April Fool’s Day, soooo… it just made sense.

And let me just say, actually everything I’m wearing here is from Zara, (wow I have a Zara addiction), just to save the trouble of linking it all.




And in this Easter outfit, I’m also introducing another collaboration with Mejuri! These hoop earrings are in their latest Dome Collection, and I’ve worn them every day since I’ve gotten them. I highly recommend this company for the minimalist, gold jewelry lovers like me!




Trying to push my creative edges a bit! This was a fun shot to capture, and it showed off my little angel’s faces pretty well. 🙂




My trousers and purse were from… what a surprise, Zara. You guys, it’s seriously like a Wal-Mart for trendsetters. My shoes are actually from Target’s WhoWhatWear Collection – linked here. If you’ve seen my latest NYFW post, you’ll see where I’ve drawn inspiration for PVC/Clear trends!




To wrap it up, I hope you all have had a lovely Easter. If you are ever wondering about Jesus and how He paid for our sins to be forgiven, don’t hesitate to comment or to personally message me. I also have an Instagram @thedailythreads that you can always chat with me on, and I’d be happy to talk!

And yay to a new fashion season with spring blooms. I’m pushing for creativity this season, what are your goals?

Happy Easter!

Coffee Addicts, This One’s For You

I think most of us can agree that rushing to work with a cup of joe in hand is key to SURVIVAL. Seriously. Full-fledged coffee addict, I admit it in writing. I don’t feel that I can be productive in my day unless I’ve had at least one coffee – if not, two.

Of course this can cause yellowing of the teeth over time, especially if you consume umpteen coffees a day like me. But… I’m busy. It’s hard to have time to wait on uncomfortable whitening strips to do their job (let alone work), and everyone knows that if a task has to be done involving talking while wearing them, it’s mission impossible. Plus, they aren’t always for those with sensitive teeth. I for one, do have sensitive teeth, and I couldn’t even eat a sandwich the next day after using them. And whitening done by a professional is out of the question for me – it can cost an arm and a leg.

(pssst.. if you want a FREE teeth whitening solution.. keep reading!)


Your teeth also tie in with fashion, believe it or not.

I can write about fashion all the live long day, but there’s no doubt that the best accessory is your smile.

In fashion, I wear whatever I want. Some call me crazy and give me a weird look when they see my outfit. With this comes confidence, in order to pull it off. But I truly attribute the majority of that confidence to looking and feeling my best, and keeping myself as healthy as I can. Keeping up with the health and appearance of my teeth helps me maintain that confidence.


Having worked in the orthodontic field just over the last few months, I can tell you that much of a person’s confidence comes from the health of their teeth. This also comes from me personally, a girl who had braces. Some people don’t even smile at all, because their smile affects their self esteem that much. It’s heartbreaking. But once the power of braces is unleashed, it’s a world of difference for them and their confidence. Whitening is like the last phase after braces – it truly brings someone to the final desired result for their teeth and overall confidence.

Anyways, this is all of my reasoning for needing that perfect solution. And I found one, so I want to share it with you guys!


Smile Brilliant is the name of a fabulous at home teeth whitening company that has been my go-to since discovering it. To explain the process a bit, this is a company that makes you your own customized whitening trays. After you send in the impressions of your teeth (they send you the kit and instructions for this), these clear, bendy trays arrive on your doorstep. They fit perfectly to the specifics of your teeth just like a clear retainer would. You simply line them with the clear whitening gel provided, for which you are able to choose “desensitising” or regular whitening gel. I’ve used both, and it DOESN’T HURT BY THE WAY! A victory for those like me with sensitive teeth! Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you’ll have plenty of materials leftover to do it many times in the future.

But the best part of it all?

I’ve been given a discount code to share with all of my loyal followers! To shop at Smile Brilliant at an event better price, use code: thedailythreads at checkout. Smile: 1, Coffee: 0. 

But the even better part of it all?

One of you lucky ducks gets one of these kits – FOR FREE! Smile Brilliant and I are partnering up to giveaway this slick and easy experience so that one of you can be as satisfied with the results as I am.



Follow this link here. It will take you to a page where you enter your name/email to enter the drawing for $149 towards the whitening kit of your choice! This is applicable to those in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Smile Brilliant and I will contact you in 2 weeks if you’ve won!!! It’s an easy way to get a great smile for free!


Are you pumped about this? Because me too. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below and I will answer them!

Alright, carry on with the coffee overload. Because now, you can without consequences. 😉

Fashion Week: A Recap

After faithfully watching New York Fashion Week SS18 through my iPhone, I have decided to put together a recap of some of this season’s best upcoming trends. I feel like I could write a book but I’m gonna keep it simple. Break out the notepads.

There are a few highlights that are big big BIG: monochromatic outfits, plaid, statement coats, and pantsuits.

From the street style on bloggers and fashionistas on their way to fashion shows, to the carefully-plotted ensembles that walked designer runways this season, there’s some good stuff.

Here’s a recap of my favorites looks, those of which I plan to embrace too! The majority of my comments on these trends are in the captions, so be sure to read them.

Monochromatic Looks

One of the most worn monochromatic looks already, is all red. It’s having its moment. Don’t be afraid to play with textures when monochroming like she did… it gives depth!
All white will especially be popular for this spring. Notice, fanny packs are also repetitively worn with these monochrome looks in Sally LaPointe’s show – I’ll talk more about those later in this post.
I LOVE the contrast stitching on these trousers. Something growing in popularity. Derek Lam did a fantastic job with his line this year!
Some of my favorite bloggers at NYFW! Courtney Trop and the Blutstein sisters. You’ll notice that colored tights are also making a comeback. The 80’s styles have reappeared more modernized, and I am diggin’ it.
A classy, work appropriate all-red ensemble on a fashion connoisseur. I also like her friend’s coat!


Plaid Skirt/ Blazer Set – which btw, the blazer/skirt sets are coming back big time. Hello, Jackie K! Excited to find these sets in tweed as well, as made popular by the Chanel Couture 2018 line released in Paris about a month ago.
Plaid Pleats – her outfit is reminiscent of “Clueless” the movie. Love it!
Marc Jacobs, you’ve done it again. A sharp hat counterbalances a menswear-inspired baggy plaid suit.
A new way to layer: Plaid Blazer over Outerwear. Plaid was a major focus for Monse’s line.
Plaid and Leather Corset Belt – she has perfect neutral styling, my fave!
Dressing down a Plaid Pantsuit with a casual graphic tee and “dad shoes.” Check out my recent Instagram posts on how I styled those!

Clear PVC

Chanel ignited the “clear” fire. Just make sure you have nothing to hide in your purse – because it will be seen! Also note the re-introduction of tweed that Chanel is pursuing.
A popular way to wear PVC is over outerwear, a new layering style.
PVC with a colored lining gives it more edge. Again, layered over outerwear.

Lavender, Baby Blue, and Yellow

Surprise… pantsuit! You’ll be seeing a lot of these.
A great way to transition from winter to spring is by layering a chunky sweater over a flowy skirt, especially while including a monochrome format. See how I did this on my Instagram @thedailythreads!
Puffer coats have been HUGE this winter. I love how she makes this look somewhat monochromatic at first, but breaks it up with black leather pants and a white handbag.
Grid style baby blue wool coat with fur sleeves and a bucket bag.
Alyssa Coscarelli, fashion blogger and Refinery 29 gal, combining the baby blue and plaid trend seamlessly.
This girl looks happy. I bet it’s because she’s wearing the cutest coat ever.
Yellow is probably the biggest color for Spring 2018. The best shade is this gorgeous muted yellow tone. And surprise… another pantsuit!
Camila Coehlo sporting a flowy yellow Tibi dress and white heels.


Using bigger belts to cinch at the waist is becoming a main focus for silhouettes. You’ll notice lots of women wearing structured and tailored outfits such as a pantsuit, while using that belt to give a feminine figure which twists menswear into a different era.
Belting blazers or any sort of outerwear is all the rage. The more oversized the piece is that you belt, the better. Her crisp white blazer really stands out among the crowd.
A monochromatic springtime pantsuit with baby blue handbag accent at the Victoria Beckham show.
A fun way to casual-ify your pantsuit is to pair it with sneakers. It brings it down to a more day-to-day look rather than looking too professional. Don’t forget the belt!
You’ll be seeing a lot of outerwear that has fur detailing. A dramatic black belt focuses at the waist.
Diane Von Furstenburg hit the nail on the head with this one. Of course it’s another matching top and bottom set, belted, but she gives it a fun twist with this modern retro print.

Statement Coats

The bigger the better. This camel toned coat would match anything! Also… do you spot a bucket bag?
I’m sure you’ve already seen the Teddy Coat trend which blew up this last fall, but they are continuing on a strong trend!
Watch out – patent leather coats are overtaking the coat industry. Example 1…
…Example 2 on Aimee Song, a top fashion blogger…
…Example 3 in Marc Jacobs…
…Example 4 in Michael Kors.


The belt bag has been made popular by Gucci this year, and is being followed by most other designers already. If you wear a matching set, with white shoes, and cinch at the waist, with a BELT BAG, well you’ve won the game of fashion week.
Fanny packs are right alongside belt bags, being worn as a crossbody, cinched at the waist, or in the normal form of dad-at-disneyland.
Bucket bags bucket bags bucket bags. These will be huge this spring.
White boots are the new black boots. This style is still going strong, as almost everyone dawned a pair at NYFW.
An unexpected turn on the white boots trend – fishnet socks OVER the boots, done by the famous Aimee Song. Always thinking of the next step in fashion at NYFW.

And there’s my recap of this year’s best upcoming trends! These are very few compared to the many new ideas of the 2018 NYFW streets and runways, but these are the main focuses.

Stay tuned as I will be taking inspiration from these fashion forward new styles, and creating them as my own. I might look like I don’t belong in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, but hey – you’ve always got to be ready for that last minute trip to NYC, right? 😉

Stay tuned to my Instagram @thedailythreads to see how I embrace the new trends of the season!


The Ultimate Gift Guide: What Women Want for Christmas

(OKAY, ladies here’s your cue… just simply share this to your Facebook page to drop those hints!)

Yeah, the biggest question of the year. WHAT do us girls actually want for Christmas?

From deciphering the latest fashion trends, to sifting through your gift receiver’s shopping list or text messages, to finally buying some random gift (you hope they like) at the last minute…

I’m here to help. 

Use this gift guide to spark ideas for that special woman in your life who loves all things trendy!


Minuit Mesh Gold/Black

CLUSE: Minuit Mesh Watch

Having a watch is not only a fashion statement to accessorize with any look, but it’s also obviously helpful to look at the time without needing your phone. Cluse delivers a super high quality watch that is stylish without breaking the bank. Engrave the back for a more personalized gift.

Shop here


MADEWELL: Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath Salts

Sometimes, it’s nice to just relax with a bath soak. Madewell’s new beauty collection has not only the best products and packaging, but also great prices. Treat her to this soothing gift – a great thing to come home to after a long, stressful day.

Shop here


Slide View: 1: adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17 Sneaker

URBAN OUTFITTERS: Adidas Originals EQT Support 93/17 Sneaker in Cream

“Athleisure” is not only a current trend, but it is also a more logical fashion statement for girls on the go. Let your girl run out the door in style and comfort with the newest Adidas. Give her a neutral pair so that they go with everything.

Shop here


Mid-Century Turned Leg Standing Planters - Solid

WEST ELM: Mid-Century Turned Leg Planter
$179 (can add a 30% discount!)

Hello, Joanna Gaines. Every single woman has a plant woman inside her as well (even though mine likes to kill every plant I get my hands on, but that’s besides the point…). Give her a stylish home for her plants, which will clean and purify the air at the same time.

Shop here


Image result for capture your style book


One of the biggest influencers/bloggers on Instagram, Aimee Song (Song of Style), has studied social media and how to capture fashion through it, for years. She recently wrote a book that details all of the important info you need to know. This is a thoughtful gift for aspiring bloggers or simply gals who love fashion – and it also makes for a great decoration on the coffee table.

Shop here

Image result for nudestix nude(art)ist Box creator's palette

NUDESTIX: Nude(art)ist Box Creator’s Palette
$59 ($144 value)

If us girls could afford it, we’d be getting new makeup to play with almost every day if we could. But makeup is SO expensive these days… especially for the good stuff. Grab this Nudestix Palette from Sephora to treat her to a variety of shades to have fun with this winter, plus ensure quality product in case you need a smooch.

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Main Image - Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover

THREAD & SUPPLY: Sherpa Pullover

Sherpa has been all the rage lately, sometimes being called “the Teddy Jacket”. Besides being stylish, the extremely soft material is sure to win her over. I mean… who wouldn’t want a cozy pullover to accessorize with their hot chocolate this winter?

Shop here


MEJURI: Minimalist Gold Jewelry
from $35 to $300

A huge fashion trend lately – minimal gold jewelry. The main company this trend sparked from – Mejuri. Their real gold jewelry won’t leave her skin green, and it’s something I wear every. single. day. To work, to church, to dress up in… it’s perfect. The great thing about this company is that their prices are extremely affordable for REAL gold and diamonds. I didn’t link to a specific product because there are way too many good options, so check it all out to pick out a personal piece.

Shop here


Spandex is the real MVP. (p.s. It's so fun to see our Copywriter boards in the wild!) : @brittanyrossman

LETTERFOLK: The Writer Oak 16×20 Message Board

These are kind of the new, hip trend. These restaurant-menu themed boards come with a billion of those little letters, so you can completely customize your board to whatever you want. Such a stylish and personable gift that can be used to decorate your home. She’ll be feeling like her home is straight off of Pinterest.

Shop here


MADEWELL: The Transport Tote

This real-leather bag is a necessity for any kind of woman – a student that needs a schoolbag, a mom that needs a diaper bag, or simply a woman who needs a big purse – like me.  This gorgeous bag is simple enough to match any outfit, and can be customized with gold or silver initials at the top of the bag (I would recommend this). The best compliment to an on-the-go girl’s outfit.

Shop here



MELISSA ARAUJO: The Barbel Bracelet

Another gorgeous minimalist piece. My friend Melissa Araujo recently launched this item in a new line, and I am IN LOVE. This would go with everything I own, and I’m sure I could say the same for other women. The style is so simple and classic, yet so fashionable.

Shop here



SARAH LOU CO – Merino Wool Blanket
from $125

A housewarming gift that quite literally is housewarming. These gigantic, soft blankets are great to cuddle under after a long winter’s day. So stylish, and Instagrammable too! 😉

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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED Lens

BH PHOTO: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8g ED lens

Is she into photography? Knowing what kind of photography equipment to gift can be HARD. There are so many options out there, and it’s hard to know what the best quality is for the price you’re paying. Well, I did the research for you. This will be the best option in any amount of light, and it provides amazing detail shots whether close or far away. Of course you’ll need to get an accompanying camera body, a Nikon DSLR Camera. This would be the ultimate Christmas present for her hobbies!

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Slide View: 3: Crow Canyon Home X UO Speckled Mug

URBAN OUTFITTERS: Crow Canyon Speckled Mug

Oh, coffee… what would we do without it? These adorable mugs are only $10, and make for a perfect present for those coffee addicts in your life. Add a bag of yummy coffee beans and some creamer, and you’ve got yourself a cute Christmas bundle.

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Slide View: 1: Wooden Multi-Device Charging Dock

URBAN OUTFITTERS: Wooden Multi-Device Charging Dock

Guilty as charged, most of us now have more than one tech device. This can result in a small amount of space for your outlets and your nightstands. What better idea than to have a nice, clean organizational dock? I for one, am all for it.

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Mad for Plaid: The Biggest Trend of 2017



I don’t know about you, but lemme tell ya: I am MAD for plaid. I actually have to tell myself, “Brittli, you need to put the plaid AWAY for today. Give it a break.”




Say hello to the biggest trend this year has seen so far. Worn by the superbloggers, celebrities, and businessmen-and-women alike, there are endless ways to rock plaid. There are options across every clothing store you can get your hands on: plaid dresses, plaid coats, plaid trousers, plaid shoes, plaid plaid plaid.

I’ll show you some of the ways I’ve been incorporating a plaid skirt and a plaid blazer into my wardrobe this fall!




This gorgeous, versatile blazer I bought from Zara has seamlessly paired with almost EVERYTHING I own. Shop their site for plaid, since it’s practically everything they are selling at the moment. This double-breasted blazer goes with every neutral imaginable, since it features both brown and black in the color scheme.

In this look, I simply wore all black underneath the plaid so that my accessories would stand out. I wanted the belt and the watch to draw out the browns to relax the outfit, and the gold accentuated that warmth. (I love making otherwise dressy things casual! Like pairing a dress with white sneakers.) If I would’ve worn all black with black accessories, it would’ve looked perfect for a less casual, more dressy/professional setting.




My favorite part about this blazer is that it’s oversized… a major silhouette that has gained heavy popularity over these last couple years and is still going strong.




Menswear and shoulder pads people, MENSWEAR AND SHOULDER PADS! This has been the theme that is taking the fashion world by storm.

You know what they say, everything always comes back into style. We thought in the 00’s that we would say buh-bye forever to shoulder pads. Well, I guess 2017 proved us wrong. Go to any fashion site and you’ll find at least one thing with emphasized shoulders! The 80’s and 90’s were my favorite fashion decades, so I am thrilled that this bold look is back. It makes a woman look so fierce and ready for business, I love it.




For a long time now, I have often found myself shopping for the boxy, oversized pieces in the men’s section for myself just because I love that professionalism that you can make casual in your own way. It only makes sense that now that they are bringing menswear-inspired items to the women’s section.


You’ll find that women’s tailored suits, blazers, and trousers are large-and-in-charge this fashion season.




Care to make a fashion statement? I do! Adding bold shoes to any outfit will spice it up and showcase your unique personality.




My aim for this outfit was: be different.

What have we normally NOT seen matched with blazers, especially the “office only” professional plaid jacket? Well, frayed denim came to mind – something that will definitely make it casual and stand out from tradition. Also, fur… because why not! And the bold shoes topped off my entire motto for this one. The neutral colors (instead of any colorful pieces) are what helped the outfit stay toned down and not too crazy.




Now, this is something that can be taken one way or the other. This outfit can be office friendly, it can be event friendly, it can be running errands and grabbing coffee friendly.




My theme/motto for this outfit: Rachel off of Friends.

What I really want to do is walk the streets of New York in this and go to my big skyscraper for work. So that’s what I’m pretending here.




I had to have this skirt when I saw it because…. LENGTH. I hate wearing things that are too short, it makes me uncomfortable! I’ve had a great amount of luck with Loft skirts. They are all so simple and fashionable, but have the best coverage and quality I can find for a decent price (and they also have sales quite often).



Well, that’s all folks! What trend are you “mad” for?

I’d love to hear your feedback below, or perhaps spark some ideas for me on what you’d like to see written next. I’ll probably write a pt.2 to this plaid post because… I just can’t stop lovin’ on it. P.S. in the pic above, I noticed I’m pretty sure I have a double chin when I laugh… hahaha welcome to adulthood. Yayyyyyyy

Thanks for checking out my post!